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Adelaide d'Orléans
Sempervirens 1826
Category: 6
Type: Climbing Roses
Height - Width: 340 - 100
Colour: White ()
Fragrance: **
Flowering type: Once-blooming
Flowering period: 06
Disease resistance: Healthy
Usage 1: Arches
Usage 2: Pergolas
Usage 3: Summer House
Freezing temperatures: -15°

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Category : Liane Hybrid Sempervirens
Breeder : Jacques (France) 1826
Culture : This is one of my favorite rosebushes. I planted Adelaide d’Orléans on both sides of an arch at the entrance to my garden. It is the ideal usage because his vines develop on average and his branches are very flexible easy to drive. Each spring, it is a real explosion. He blooms only once, in June, but then awash in small white flowers that combines light pink buttons that smell very good to myrrh and the blossom lasts very long. This small very romantic vine keeps his foliage all year long if the winter is not too rigorous. He just requires the sun and is very easy to culture. Making compost in late winter and a special fertilizer in May and a size cleaning after flowering and that's all.
Usage : Perfect for an arch, an arbour or pergolas.
Association : A Viticella clematis at his feet so that the ark remains in flower during the summer.
Diseases : No disease, no treatment necessary.

Your pictures and testimonials

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