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Alba Meidiland
Meidiland 1986
Category: 5
Type: Groundcover Roses
Height - Width: 50 - 140
Colour: White ()
Flowering type: Repeat flowering
Flowering period: 06-09
Disease resistance: Very good
Usage 1: Groundcover
Usage 2: Borders
Usage 3: Pots
Usage 4: Small walls
Usage 5: Flowerbed
Freezing temperatures: -20°

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Quantity 16.00 

Breeder : Unknown before 1500 
Culture : It is an ideal rose plant  for hard access and shaded places. He will illuminate for two weeks in the spring. It will gratify you with an opulent blossom  full of white meat flowers showing yellow stamens. His gray-green foliage is typical of this family of roses. He smells like soap like all roses in this family. Do not cut the first two years and just eliminate the dead wood. The flowering is rather brief but sumptuous. Unfortunately, the flowers tend to darken when persistent rain which spoil the party. He flowers on old wood.
Uses : On difficult spots, semi shaded places, he does not like heat. Alba Maxima can be used on an old fence or a wall.
Association : If the location is fairly light, you can use a clematis to his foot. He flowers at the same time as the delphinium.
Diseases : Very strong, he requires no treatment.

Your pictures and testimonials

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