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Floribunda 2006
Category: 1
Type: Bush roses
Height - Width: 90 - 70
Colour: Red ()
Fragrance: ****
Flowering type: Repeat flowering
Flowering period: 06-09
Disease resistance: Sensitive
Usage 1: Flowerbed
Usage 2: Isolated
Usage 3: Pots
Freezing temperatures: -12°

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Quantity 18.00 

Publisher : X (Holl) 2006
Culture : Discovered by coincidence, this year in Holland, this rose was immediately captivated by its intense fragrance for a very rare color of this type. The shrub does not exceed 100 cm and produces large quantities of flowers (9 cm) of rich colors red wine which keep well against rain. The petals are slightly velvety. The large leaves grow in a beautiful mahogany color. They are quite sensitive and shrub loses its leaves in the first attack which does not prevent it from blossom thereafter. The shrub is greedy and do not like competition. Plant Gauras at the foot to hide its bare aspect during the summer and only let the flowers visible.
Uses : Massive, isolated.
Association : The Gauras or second spring a mugwort which associates perfectly in colors.
Diseases : The foliage is not very strong, you mitigate the problem by treating regularly every month.

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