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Eglantelles 2007
Category: 6
Type: Climbing Roses
Height - Width: 300 - 100
Colour: Pink ()
Fragrance: *
Flowering type: Repeat flowering
Flowering period: 06-10
Disease resistance: Very good
Usage 1: Arches
Usage 2: Trellis
Usage 3: Spires
Usage 4: Pergolas
Usage 5: Mediterranean climate
Freezing temperatures: -15°

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Quantity 24.00 

Breeder : Dominique Massad
Culture : On this climbing rosebush, modestly sized (2.5 to 3 m), are renewed waves of small bunches of pink semi-double roses occurring from small rounded buttons. Carmine pink tinged with purple flowers is valued by the dark green and mat foliage lightly colored purple, beautiful foliage in the spring that attracts all eyes. Noëlline is slightly fragrant. The bloom is ascending and, in the south of France, it is not uncommon to have a few buds to decorate the Christmas table. This has inspired the breeder to choose his name.
Uses : His flexible shape make it right for fencing trellis, pergolas, arbors, etc...
Associations : Get clematis aromatica at his foot.
Diseases : Excellent resistance.

Your pictures and testimonials

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